Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"2012" : a Movie About Mayan's Prediction

Nowadays, many people have been suprised about 2012 end of time Mayan's prediction. The rumor is currently being heard and Insider of NASA accidentally support this prediction with a theory of Nibiru planet which is surrounding the dark sun. Get abroad, Nibiru is the factor of Noah's fload.

Having a great time as a "disaster" movie director, Roland Emmerich took Mayan's prediction as his inspiration to make a very frightening movie that might become a real story soon. The movie is "2012". You could see its trailer below.

The prediction is on 2012 will be the end of times or end of the world, and some people called it Armagedon. Soon, the earth will go to pieces. Some people think it's not the end of the world, but it's just a disaster. Unhappily it was predicted as the biggest disaster ever on earth.

You could see on the trailer, very huge Tsunami beyond Himalaya mountain range which is the roof of earth. You could imagine how big the disaster is, can anybody survive from the big disaster like this?

Are you interested by this movie? Just be patient, because the movie may be presented premier on May or July. Get ready for being frightened. I just hope this movie will not become the true story after 2012.

If you never heard about what will happen in 2012, just browse the Google with keyword "2012". Find out the truth..!!

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