Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Benefits for Consuming Blackberries

Blackberry is a kind of fruit from a bramble bush. The latin name of this sweet fruit is Rubus fructicosus. Blackberries are interesting because of their high nutritional contents of dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, folic acid, and many essential minerals. This soft fruit usually is used for desserts, jams, seedless jellies and sometimes wine. And I prefer to use this fruit for juice. It's really delicious for me.

But you know there are so many health benefits those you could get from blackberries? Ok, i will tell you some of them. Just keep reading it OK..!!


The powder of blackberry that made from dried blackberries is believed can heal diarrhea disease. After washing them, just dry and heat them under the sun light until the berries dry and could be powdered.

In addition to this powder, fresh blackberries, blackberry leaves, even blackberry root are effective herbal medicine for bowels. The powder is taken in tespoon doses with small amount of water, but tea made from the leaves or the water from simmered bark or root can be used in cup doses several times a day.


Another Blackberry cure is to heal ulcers. Just soak its leaves in a hot wine infusion and place the hot leaves on ulcers every morning and evening. Even the author of Cruso's 1771 Treasury of Medicine said that it will heal them, however difficult to be cured.

Sore Throat

Beside for ulcers, the soaked leaves in a hot wine infusion can be a fine gargle for sore throat. You can use blackberry jelly added to ahot peppermint leaf tea for an instant gargle.

There are several benefits beside I mentioned above. If you need more information, just search on Google, or read this recommended sources :

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