Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brian Mcknight on Java Jazz Festival 2009

Java Jazz Festival 2009 will be shown premierly on 6 March 2009. This annual event is performed for 3 days in Plenary Hall Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) and presented by Java Festival Production.

You will see many performances from foreign artists such as Jason Mraz (I don't think Jason Mraz currently on Jazz Genre..^^), and from domestic artists such as Glenn Fredly, Ran, Afgan, Park Drive, and many more. I predicted that Jason Mraz is the most enthusiastic artist on Java Jazz 2009.

But the most interesting artist who I wish to see is Brian Mcknight. For me he's the best men singer ever in the world, and very worthy if many people say his capability is equal to Mariah Carey (the best women singer ever for me..). I can imagine when I see him on the stage "Live", wow, it's gonna be cool.

Brian Mcknight : One Last Cry (live)

But I have the bad new. You have to pay a lot of money to see that show (I'm sure that you are not suprised because of that new), although that amount is worthy to spent, actually. You know how much you have to pay to get the ticket?? 350.000 IDR for daily pass on the spot, or 800.000 IDR for 3 days. But if you buy earlier, you just have to pay 250.000 IDR for daily pass or 600.000 IDR for 3 days.

Calm down, I also have a good new for you. If you are Indonesian, or at least live in Indonesia, you can see the show without spending money by being a volunteer for Java Jazz 2009 organizer. The benefits are you will get a volunteer T shirt, you'll get a lot of friends, and you'll have opportunity to enjoy the live show there without spend any money. Wow, very interesting for me. If you're interested, just sign to be a volunteer on http://www.javajazzfestival.com/2009/volunteer.php.

Would you??

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