Friday, January 9, 2009

Diabetes Mellitus Diet Tips

Diabetes mellitus (diabetes) is a syndrome of disordered metabolism, usually due to a combination of hereditary and environmental causes, resulting in abnormally high blood sugar levels, hyperglycemia. Blood glucose levels are controlled by a complex interaction of multiple chemicals and hormones, including the hormone insulin made in the pancreas. Diabetes mellitus refers to the high blood glucose levels due to defects in either insulin secretion or insulin action.

OK, now lets check out the tips.

First, all you have to do is avoid for eating pure sugar, such as javanese sugar and refined sugar. Other things that have to be avoid are any meals and drinks that contain high level of glucose, such as chocolate, cake, taart, sweet drink, soft drink, ice cream and candy. It's a must, because you have to keep your blood glucose normal.

Then, you have to familiarize your self to do a sport, at least twice a week. It's very helpful because it can increase metabolism of your body and it can burn many calories in your body.

Other things that have to be limited are any meals that contain high carbohydrate, such as rice; potatoes and sweet potatoes; noodle; bread; corn; and any meals that made from flour.

The last tip, just ask your doctor whether you could try any herbal medicine to increase your insulin action. It's very important, because all that have to do for diabetes sufferer is try to lift the action of his/her pancreas.)

I hope this tips would be very helpful. You have to remember one thing, if you want to get better from your sick, you have to sacrifice, isn't it?

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