Saturday, March 20, 2010

Very Special Heart Necklace

Technology has been growing very fast and it gives many benefit to our living. when I was looking through the internet, I stopped and marveled at the sophistication of Very Special Heart. This is one of the technological advances that are beneficial for your life, especially for your health.

Very Special Heart is a tool can be used to store your medical records (PHR). This tool can be used as a necklace with the shape and texture that is very elegant and beautiful. it also can be used to store important drugs used in emergencies.

Beside to store personal health record (PHR), the main purpose of the Very Special Heart is easier in a state of emergency physicians to make decisions, if unexpected thing happened. When the tool is installed into a PC, so this tool automatically makes medical emergency information based on the digital health record in it. This will greatly facilitate the doctors to take the best decisions for your life.

This tool is suitable for you who love your life. You will feel more calm go anywhere even if you're alone. The sooner doctors took the decision, the more likely you are to survive. So, good luck!

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