Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bunaken, Beauty of North Sulawesi

Bunaken is a small island in Manado, North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. It's Located on bay of Manado. Arround this island, you will see Bunaken National Marine Park, which is on of the highest biodeversity levels of marine in the world.

Totaly, Bunaken National Marine Park has 75.265 hectare space area. It contains 5 Islands, Bunaken is one of them. The tourists are very atracted by scuba diving activity here. And diving activity is limited on each beaches arround 5 islands.

The most thing that atract many visitors to do diving activity is the equatic eqosistem. You could see very beautiful hand-made of god. If you were there, I guarantee that you will feel you're one of the most fortunate people because of its beautiful.

So are you atracted for diving there? It will give you a lot of experience and pleseures. If you want to, Please visit us. ^^

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