Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lombok, Alternative of Your Vacation

Lombok is an island on West Nusa Tenggara, East of Indonesia. It's still a part of West Nusa Tenggara Province. Lombok is separated with Bali by Lombok Strait.

In many things, Lombok generally has the same to Bali. It has many beautiful beach, and a lot of wonderful views that you can enjoy. But here, you will see the tourists are not so crowded. The amount of tourist is not so huge. It's the different between Lombok and Bali.

The tourism sector was not really cared by goverment after financial crisis occured in Indonesia at 1997. But nowadays, this sector are developing and getting interest by many tourists from other countries.

Pantai Senggigi is one of the most famous beach, and also vacation destination in Lombok. Eventhough it's not as big as Kuta Bali, but in instant, you will feel like you're on Kuta Bali.

After walk on foot, about 30 minutes from pantai Senggigi, you will see Batu Bolong. It's a temple that was built on a coral. According to the legend, many virgin girl was sacrificed to sharks. The other legend tell that many broken heart girl suicided, by jump from this temple to the sea. But those are just a legend, so you don't need affraid of ghost here ^^.

Lombok also have Kuta beach, just like Bali. It's lying on Kuta Village. This village is starting famous and interesting after many hotels was built here. It can be an alternative for your vacation.

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