Sunday, November 9, 2008

Central Java

Central java is a province of indonesia. It's lying on Java Island. The capital city of Central Java is Semarang. On 2005, this province has 31.820.000 populations.

There are some active volcanoes in Central Java, such as Merapi (the most active volcano in Indonesia), Slamet, Merbabu, and others. The geography of Central Java is regular with small strips of lowlands near the northern and southern coast with mountain ranges in the centre of the region.

The most famous destination in Central Java are Borobudur Temple. It's one of seven world wonders. This is Buddha temple. You could see the picture below :

You also can try many delicious foods that originally from Central Java. The most famous foods are Lumpia, Bandeng Presto, Soto Kudus, Brebes salted egg, etc.

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