Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gecho the Big Business Opportunity

Do you know gecho? The big brother of lizard? Some people say it tokay gecko, tucktoo or something else. Indonesian usually call it tokek. This reptile is really rare nowadays, but you can still find it on Java and Sumatera Island, even on Borneo Island. And guess what? Now, That Gechos are being a business opportunity for some people.

Prime Consumers of gecho are some people in East Asian Country. They ussualy consume gecho as medicine, for cosmetics purpose, and other healthy reason. Gecho has special quality as medicine for some ilness (but I don't know what disease are).

The disgusting Animal (for me ^^) has expensive value. According to law of demand and supply, the rare of gecho lead to value increase of it. So, the consumers have no doubt to spend a lot of money to get this animal.

I don't know exactly, but it's about $5000 for each gecho with body weight of 5 ons. The good news, you will get it for free or at least cheaper than that if you hunt it inIndonesia. Are you interested enough to go to Indonesia and take this challange?

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