Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tea Ability to Avoid Cancer and Reduce High blood Presure

Many researches showed that green tea can reduce cholesterol and high blood presure. It also can reduce body weight through obstruction of vitamin B1 which have big role in carbohidrate metabolism. Tea has many health benefits because it has a bioactive subtance that called polifenol. Polifenol also can be found on vegetables, fruits, tea, grapes etc.

The researcehes showed that tea can decrease the risk of pancrease cancer. The caffein on tea is the factor for avoiding it. Caffein is a substance that can easily be absorbed by body. According to a study in Holland, black tea amazingly can reduce up to 70% risk of stroke.

Considering the benefits of tea, it will be more wise women that using cosmetic drink tea or green tea to avoid skin cancer, it effectively protects skin from cancer. And smokers must consider to drink tea, it will protect them from risk of lung cancer and other kind of cancers.

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