Monday, February 9, 2009

Natural Detoxification Through Herbal Remedies

There are several herbal remedies that can be used to detoxify our body. You may use different detoxification herbs and procedures dpending on the health problem. These following items are the several remedies and procedures :

Coffee. Pure coffee has a very strong action in detoxifying the body. you can use pure undilutied coffee as a detoxifying enema to exract poison, or to normalize the body.

Hayflower. Make up a strong hayflower, or use prepared Swiss extract and add it to bathwater or a foot or arm for withdrawing toxins from the body. This will be better if it it's done right before a cold appears.

Apple Pectin. Use apple pectin to eliminate metals and radiation from the body.
Oatsraw. Like hayflower, oatstraw has strong detoxifying abilities. Use it in compresses as a poultice, or in full partial baths.

Basil and cloves. Use powdered cloves and sweet basil tea, you can combine equal amount (1 ounce at a time) of powdered cloves and powdered sweet basil into capsules. Consume 3 capsules a day (3 different times) until the metals expelled from te body.

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