Friday, January 30, 2009

Calming Effect and Curing Ability of Chamomile Tea

Have you ever tasted chamomile tea? Did you get relaxed? Yes, many researches told that chamomile tea (chamomile flower extract) has a calming effect or relaxing effect. Not only that, this beautiful flower extract has a lot of curing ability. It has been used as folk natural remedy since so many years ago.

Relieving from Nightmare. The calming and relaxing effect of chamomile is believed can relieving people from nightmare. Gypsies who lived in Romania always use it for relieving from nightmare. It can be used on preventive action. Drink the chamomile tea before sleep, it can make us feel better and reduce our stress on mind. You can use it for your kids who often dreaming of a nightmare.

Allaying stomach problem.
Chamomile tea is really good for digestion system. It can be used for healing diarrhea, stomachache, weak stomach, stomach spasms, and anything problems that related to digestion. The soothing and sedative effect of chamomile can work especially for stomachache. This old remedy has been used since a long times ago.

Natural Insect Repellent.
With the tea splashed over our face, arms , hands and feet, mosquitoes won't come near us. This is the safer way than mosquitoes repellent lotion or mosquitoes poison spray that usually we use.

There are many benefits of chamomile flower that I haven't been told yet above, such as for antiseptic, bath and hair, facials, etc. This super flower can help us many things. We should thank to God of this grace. Is there any grace from God that you didn't recognized??

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