Sunday, February 1, 2009

How to Avoid Nightmare

Herbal medicines have been used since many hundred years ago by people on ancient age until now. Herbal medicines can heal or at least fight against many diseases, even AIDS and cancer (see : Black Cumin, Natural Herbal to Fight Against AIDS and Cancer). Beside for heal diseases, there are some herbal medicines that also can be used for avoiding nightmare on children, even on adult.

OK, I will tell you that herbal medicines that can avoid nightmare, and the tips how to use them. Lets check out the tips. ^^

Marjoram This herb has successfully used for preventing nightmare since a long time ago. Prepare a marjoram tea with half a teaspoon of dried marjoram to a cup of water, steep and strain. Give the sufferer 1 tablespoon every night before bedtime, you could give more than one if required.

Rosemary. Many people on past used it under the pillow to prevent nightmare. I don't know the researches tell, but it seems the aroma of rosemary has sedative effect for our sleep. You could try this way to check about the truth.

Chamomile. As I told on my previous post about chamomile benefits, beside for healing stomach problems, chamomile can be used to relieving us from nightmare. The gypsies on Romanian uses chamomile tea before sleep to prevent nightmare.

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