Thursday, January 29, 2009

Simple and Natural Ways to Stop Smoking

There are 1,6 billion smoker all around the world, that's really huge amount. Most of them, never want to quit smoking. Some of them want to quit, because they aware the danger of it, but never know how to stop this bad habit. And some of them know the ways, and they are trying to not touch cigarette anymore.
Are you consisted in smoker which are don't know how to stop smoking? Do you want to know what this is? Ok, just Read on and I'll tell you some tips how to quit smoking without any chemical medicine. It's totally simple and natural.

First of All. Never buy your own cigarette. If you want to stop, don't buy it with your money. It means you will smoke if someone offer you or the worst case is if you beg a cigarette from other smoker.

Second Tip. Never bring a pack of cigarette on your pocket. You would never stop if you are still bringing a pack of cigarette.

Third Tip. You should know about the danger of smoking, at least you know what substance are consisted on it and the bad effect for our health. The most dangerous effect are heart attack and cancer, but there are so many bad effect such as impotence, sterile and many more. So, stop smoking immediately..!!

Chamomile flowers

Gentian root

The Last tip. You can chew chamomile flowers for substituting your cigarette, it has calming effect for you. Or you may chew gentian root for substituting your cigarette. It's really effective to breaking your habit.

About a years ago, I was a smoker. But I have quit and will never touch them again. I've applied some tips above and it worked to me. Are you want to try those tips to breaking your bad habit? It's back to your self decision..

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