Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Causes of prostate Cancer

Related to my previous post about how to prevent porstate cancer, I'll try to tell you about what is the estimated causes or factors that contributing to prostate cancer (the exact causes of prostate cancer are still unknown). It will help us to be careful to keep healthy our lifestyle.

1. Age
A research says that men in more than 50 years old are more risky to suffer prostate cancer. Researchers have found that the aging process produces biochemical reactions that contribute to abnormal cell growth.

2. Genetics and Heredity
A research says that genetic factor is one of many causes that can make someone suffer not only prostate cancer, but all types of cancer. Heredity is related to genetics factor. When someone have a father that suffered prostate cancer, he will potentially risky to suffer this disease.

3. Diet

You have to be careful for controlling your diet (at this topic, diet means nutrition) that go into your body. The research found that men will be more risky to suffer prostate cancer when they're doing a diet high in animal fat. On the opposite, a diet high in fruits and vegetables can decrease the risk.

That's just a few factors that I know. If you have one of 3 factors above, or have had a prostate problem, you could read my posting about how to prevent it through herbal medicine.

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