Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Healthy Benefits of Consuming Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice is really fresh beverage that you can use for your dessert. the taste is sweet and a bit sour, but it depends on your appetite, whether want to make it sweet or sour. Beside for beverage, do you know Lemon that fruit can be used as remedy or for keeping your healthy body? Yes, I will explain some of super benefits of Lemon fruit, especially Lemon juice that we usually consume.

1. Fever. Lemon juice can be used as a herbal remedy to soothe fever. It have been used in the mediteranian area to control fever attacks. Lemon is refrigerant plant that useful in all inflammatory and feverish conditions. You could take a fresh washed lemon, cut it into thin slice, simmer it into non-alumunium pot with 3 large cups of water. Make it to one cup juice and consume it.

2. Heart problem. Lemon juice is very good for our heart. Lemon juice plus water has sedative action and can help sedate nervous palpitations. But anyone who thinks that have any heart problem should consult the physician to choose herbal remedy for him/her.

3. Itching. Fresh squeezed lemon juice is very useful for relieving itching.

4. Liver. Lemon juice is very healthy for liver. Lemon with water will support bile activity within the body. Consume it to keep your lever in good condition.

Lemon juice is delicious, fresh but it's also very good for our health. It's a grace from God to human through the earth. Do you agree with me?

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