Monday, January 26, 2009

Super Healthy Benefits of Asparagus Soup For Our Body

Asparagus soup is very delicious meal and it's one of my favourite from many kind of soup. It's very luscious if we eat it when it still hot. It will more delicious and more sensation if it's served with crab meat. Beside its delicious, do you know it have more benefits for us especially for our organ health?

1. Heart. Asparagus has really great benefit for our heart. Asparagus shoots and roots are very diurectic and can help with edema caused by heart trouble.

2. Liver. As you have known on my previous post about the way to keep your liver healthy, asparagus is one of most important food that can make your liver in good condition. Asparagus have a stimulating action on liver and it can increase the flow of liquid in our body.

3. Kidney. Asparagus can make liquid flow of our body going fluently. The minerals and asparagin stimulate the kidney and even contribut a special smell to the urine immediately after eating.

The crab on asparagus soup also very healthy. It has good protein for our body, low fat and of course very tasty. The crab meat is very rich of Omega-3, fatty acid, which are related to be good for heart, (but it's still researched).

So why you don't try asparagus soup for your routine meal?

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