Friday, January 23, 2009

Garlic as Great Herbal Hypertension Remedy

As you know, hypertension is a vey serious problen of health. Some people are really being afraid by it. Many people choose chemist medicine to bring down their high blood pressure. But the chemist medicine, as I know, is just for short run therapy. Your hypertension would be decreased only for a few ours, then it will be increased again.

Beside that, almost all pf the chemist medicines have side effect. You can check on pack of your medicine, you will see the side effect warning. Even the use of chemist medicine for long-run continuously could damage your liver and kidney. So lets move toward herbal medicine for better long-run effect.

According to many recent laboratory experiments, garlic has the special ability to decrease the high blood pressure. You could use garlic tea, garlic soup, or garlic oil throughout the day, or if fresh garlic too offensive, you could use extract garlic pill/capsule.

How to make Garlic Soup?
You can make garlic soup simply. Mash and simmer 3 clusters of peeled garlic buds, put them to any chicken soup. Simmer the quart of soup about ten minutes. Strain out the garlic buds and add them to shaken egg yolks. simmer again on high heat then serve immediately.

How to make Garlic Oil?

Blend a cup of peeled garlic and a cup of olive oil labeled jar, and then add another cup of olive oil. Let garlic be absorbed by the oil for a week, but shake the jar several times a day. After the garlic has been absorbed, keep it as liquid cold on refrigerator. It can be used for salad. Beside for hypertension, it can used externally to heal wounds.

Happy trying..!!

Reference : Dian Dincin Buchman, Ph.D. on "Herbal Medicine, the natural way to get well and stay well"

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