Monday, January 26, 2009

The way to Keep Our Liver Healthy

Liver is an important organ of our body. In general, liver is used for neutralizing toxic that came into the body. Many people dead because of their liver was broken by cancer, or virus. So, it's really important for us to keep our liver in healthy condition.

There are many delicious foods, herbs, and fruit that can stimulate liver and bile action or can reduce liver inflammation, such as :

1. Apple. Fresh apple can stimulate a sluggish liver. It also can be used to cleanse the entire body.

2. Coffee. Pure coffee can cleanse our liver strongly. It may be used as a liver-detoxifying aid. But don't too much consuming coffee, because it has side effects to our health.

3. Celery. Celedry usually used as complement of a meal. It can raise the food's taste. But it can be used as neutralist of foods that contains many unhealthy substances for our body.

4. Asparagus
. Asparagus soup is really delicious meal. But you know it has great benefits of our body? The roots and shoots of asparagus have a good stimulation for kidney and liver. It can increase the flow of liquid of our body.

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