Friday, January 23, 2009

Kakaban Lake, a Heaven of Unstinging Jelly Fish

Kakaban Lake is a beautiful lake that's lying on the center of Kakaban Island. Kakaban Island is still part of Derawan Islands, East Borneo, Indonesia. Kakaban Lake was shaped on Holosen epoch or between 9610 BC and 9350 BC. Actually, the water on Kakaban Lake is seawater that is trapped on this island and couldn't get out of the lake.

The kakaban lake is a sea on the island, so the water was salt. Therefore, many jelly fish can live there since long time ago, although it's not as salt as seawater because of evolution that made seawater on kakaban is mixed with water from rain and water below the earth surface.

The most interesting matter for me is the fact about unstinging jelly fish those are live there. Kakaban lake is a heaven for them. The "unstinging" nature of them is occur because of the evolution. The evolution has made a great change there.

The earth only have two places like this. The first is Kakaban Island, and the second is Micronesia Islands that's lying on southeast of Pacific ocean.

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