Monday, February 2, 2009

Break Smoking Habit by Herbs

On my previous post, I have told about how to stop smoking simply and naturally, I also discussed about chamomile flower and gentian root. Now, we will discuss more detail about the herbs that can break smoking habit. We will also discuss about how to use the herbs, especially chamomile, gentian, and lobelia.

Root. Gentian is a genus of flower belonging to Gentianaceae family, tribe Gentianeae and monophyletic subtribe Gentianinae. With about 400 species, it is considered a large genus. You can use it as substitute of your cigarette. It's believed can relieving your addiction of cigarette.

Chamomile Flower. Chamomile has been used as sedative herbs for our mind. It has calming and relaxing effect. To get those effect, it can be drank as tea. It also can be used to break the smoking habit, at least as cigarette substitute. Just chew te flower when you feel your smoking desire arise.

Lobelia. Lobelia is a calming expectorant, alternative, and nicotine mimicking herb that can be used to stop smoking
tobacco. At least it's better than smoking tobacco.

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