Thursday, February 5, 2009

Herbal and Natural Way to Prevent Mesothelioma Cancer

As I told on my previous post, mesothelioma cancer is really dangerous hidden killer. Sometimes, It's detected when the cell of cancer has been on fourth stadium. Many factors that can cause someone get this type of cancer, but the major factor is asbestos. People who work or live on asbestos contained air. So now, we will discuss how to prevent mesothelioma cancer through herbal and natural way.

mesothelioma cancer

1. Stop Smoking
Smoking always be a major supporting factor of all cancer, not only mesothelioma. Smoking can increase harmful substances in our body. Several kind of substances can increase the risk factor of cancer. You couldn't stop smoking? Don't worry, I have some herbal and natural tips to quit smoking. Click 'here' and another 'here' to get that.

2. Protect Your Body with Armour and Mask.
If you are working or living on air that containing asbestos, it's better way if you protect yourself with mask. It can help you prevent the asbestos to come within your body.

3. Stay Well and Healthy with Herbs.
Consume green vegetables, it's really good to prevent cancer. Carotenoids and Beta-Carotene, present in yellow and green vegetables, has been shown to prevent cancer. Or you can try several ways to detoxify your body from any harmful substance, such as apple pectin, basil and cloves, cayenne pepper, pure coffee, oatmeal, peach, etc.

Prevention always be the better step to stay away from cancer. Mesothelioma is very dangerous hidden killer, so you have to be aware of this cancer. Stay well and healthy..

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